Numbers matter, but the pursuit of safer health care gets its sense of urgency and meaning not from numbers, but from the stories of human beings who fall into harm's way. Joshua's Story, told with both anger and hope, simply cannot be ignored. This book brings home why making health care safer is the most important medical project of our time.”

Donald M. Berwick, MD
President Emeritus and Senior Fellow
Institute for Healthcare Improvement

A powerful, moving, poignant and beautifully written book about one man's fight against the system. But it is also a call to arms to turn the NHS into a true learning organisation.”

Matthew Syed
Columnist for The Times
The author of two acclaimed books – Bounce and Black Box Thinking – and a former international table tennis champion

In November 2008 James Titcombe and his family suffered a terrible tragedy – the death of their baby son Joshua, aged just 9 days old.

For the next six years James dedicated his life to finding out just what happened to Joshua. What he discovers goes far beyond the errors that caused his son’s death and reveals a system that worked to deny its own failings. Even the bodies set up to oversee and regulate healthcare seem to impede rather than help James’ quest.

This is the deeply personal story of determination to uncover the truth, revealing the human consequences of cover-up and denial.